First on the Scene… do you know what to do? 

You come around a corner and there it is:

  • A car crashed into a PG&E pole
  • A motorcycle rider down on the highway
  • A bike rider smashed into the mountain side
  • A hiker down on a mountain trail

SSA Neighbors are often the first responsible people on the scene after a friendly tourist, or a neighbor, has an accident – on the highways and on the trails. • Emergency Services often take a long time to arrive – recently 40 minutes for a crash on Highway 35 and 90 minutes to get to an injured hiker on John Nicholas Trail.

We have produced a series of presentations, videos, and  maps and guides that will help you be prepared for this all too common circumstance of mountain life.

Thanks to Frances Mann-Craik for organizing these materials.

Accident/First On Scene