What to do if you encounter an accident on the road, or have an emergency at home?
You come around a corner and there it is:

  • A car crashed into a PG&E pole
  • A motorcycle rider down on the highway
  • A bike rider smashed into the mountain side
  • A hiker down on a mountain trail

You call 911.... and they can't figure out where you are!

South Skyline  Neighbors are often the first responsible people on the scene after a friendly tourist, or a neighbor, has an accident – on the highways and on the trails. • Emergency Services often take a long time to arrive – recently 40 minutes for a crash on Highway 35 and 90 minutes to get to an injured hiker on John Nicholas Trail.

On top of that, the 911 system has challenges in our area due to difficulties in identifying locations, and multiple county jurisdictions, leading to dispatch delays. We have produced a series of presentations, videos, and  maps and guides that will help you be prepared for this all too common circumstance of mountain life.

Accidents-911-First On Scene-First Aid