Due to increase and severity of wildland fires in California, many of us who live in higher risk areas have been faced with the sudden cancellation or non-renewal of our house insurance.  When we do manage to find a company that will cover us, it is usually at a much higher rate.

Please use the following links for more information about this important issue.

  • United Policyholders is a non-profit organization that helps educate residents on how to navigate the insurance situation, and can help provide recommendations for finding insurance. This is very helpful! See their California page.
  • ​CA Dept of Insurance Q&As are located here. This material provides some very useful tips to better prepare your home and property as a defensible space, along with criteria that is being implemented for insurers to provide for discounts on policies they write.
  • Youtube link, in the very first presentation, it provides for some insights into what the State of CA Insurance office is doing, and also what they may not be able to do, with the recent legislation enacted for providing more affordable fire insurance.  It describes how insurers should be providing information on what criteria they use to make insurance rate decisions.

​Older Material:​

  • Important News Resulting from the CZU Lightning Complex Fire:

 One year moratorium on cancellations