Located in Santa Cruz mountains, around Pescadero Creek Rd. between La Honda and Pescadero, Loma Mar is a small town in the redwood forest and belongs to San Mateo unincorporated area. As of the census of 2020, there were 134 residents. Loma Mar is home to the YMCA Camp Loma Mar, Redwood Glen Camp and Memorial State Park. This neighborhood:

  • Has a Fire Station run by volunteers only.
  • Has access to satellite phone at LM Fire Station for emergency calls during phone and internet outages
  • Holds community meetings to discuss issues, plans, evacuation routes and other concerns.
  • For communications and notifications mostly rely on Nextdoor.
  • Seven residents have Ham radio licenses, including 2 ARES members. During emergencies they staff La Honda DOC.
  • Has several CERT volunteers who participate in drills and activations.
  • Practically all houses are equipped with fire hydrants.

Loma Mar