Real-time Wildfire Alerts
Receive notifications about the status and conditions on the ground as they change.
Monitor Wildfires and Prescribed Burns
Know if that smoke in the distance is a fire you need to be worried about.
Air Quality & Wind Direction
See everything that impacts fires in one place.

Watch Duty

Watch Duty, a free mobile and web app, is the most important tool you can have to find out about active fires near you.  Covering the entire western United States, it's content is curated by trained professionals and used daily by millions of users and many fire departments and agencies who trust its accurate and fast information.

Watch Duty will warn you about new fire 15-20 minutes before SMC Alert or anything like it! Get it today!!!! This will keep you as up to date as it's possible to be short of being on the scene yourself!!

Here's a great presentation on how Watch Duty works.

Track Active Fire Perimeters
Using satellite imagery and other official sources you can easily track and monitor the progress of a fire.
Evacuation Orders & Shelters
Find clear and concise evacuation notices as well as shelters for people and animals all in one place.
Submit Photos
Help first responders and loved ones by sharing photos of fire conditions and other hazards for the world to see.