• Held 4 Board Meetings.
  • GIS mapping project continued in South Skyline area.
  • April, 2019 CERT class held in King's Mt. for 30 participants.
  • Phase 2 of the Medical Trailer Project funded by 501c3 donations to SSEPO.  This included doubling the solar power and battery capacity as well as extra heating, cooling and ventilation capabilities.
  • Planning initiated for the "First Arrivals Workshop" to be held in Spring 2020solar power and battery capacity as well as extra heating, cooling and ventilation capabilities.
  • Funded a Tarheel 100A-HP HF vertical antenna, which was installed on the Castanea Ridge COMM trailer for helicopter landing communications.
  • Organized media outreach and posted resources for South Skyline residents who have lost home insurance.
  • GMRS repeater tests and maintenance continued to make sure that all neighborhoods could be reached.  New repeater sharing on Black Mountain is being explored.
  • Relationship with Jikoji enhanced by neighborhood coordinator in Monkey Rock as a future emergency shelter for South Skyline residents.
  • SSEPO representative sits on SSA board and emergency preparedness articles were contributed to the SSA newsletter.
  • Planning initiated for the "First Arrivals Workshop" to be held in Spring 2020.


  • Held 5 Board Meetings.
  • GIS Mapping continued in South Skyline neighborhoods.
  • Radio communications expanded. Purchased 10 more Baofeng GMRS radios for neighborhood use. Installed a GMRS Repeater in Portola Heights, which allows communication between the neighborhoods of Monkey Rock, Rosemary Lane, Jikoji, Portola Heights, Rocky Creek and beyond.
  • Held three CERT refresher training classes for South Skyline CERT and Southcoast CERT: Emergency Preparedness, Medical Care and Triage, McGuyver Medicine.
  • Las Cumbres held an earthquake drill, exercising cluster triage and radio communications.
  • Contributed to the SSA Newsletter: South Skyline Medical Corp., ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and GMRS Repeater, McGuyver Medicine, SET (Simulated Emergency Test) Drill, and the Medical Resource Trailer.
  • Participated in San Mateo County earthquake emergency communications drill, testing HAM radio communications with the CEOC in Half Moon Bay, La Honda DOC, Pescadero DOC and SCARES 6m repeater in King’s Mtn.
  • Supported the SET (Simulated Emergency Test) held in South Skyline. The staging area was at Skyline Ridge. Sponsored by SC4ARES (La Honda Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and South Skyline ARES. Southcoast CERT, South Skyline CERT and San Mateo Large Animal Evac were activated to assist in a post-earthquake scenario in the South Skyline area. SSA Article on SET.
  • Created a comprehensive “Emergency Communications” list of phone numbers and websites for South Skyline residents.
  • Provided support in the building of a new helicopter landing zone in Castanea Ridge.
  • Refurbished the donated Red Cross trailer into a Medical Response Trailer.  SSA Article on Medical Resource Trailer.
  • Gave a SSEPO presentation to the Community Emergency Action Program (CEAP) in Half Moon Bay.
  • South Skyline CERT has 21 members sworn in by the county of Santa Cruz.
  • GIS mapping continues throughout South Skyline neighborhoods.
  • Obtained a retired Red Cross trailer, which will be outfitted for mobile medical operations.
  • Pay Pal was set up for receiving donations.
  • At the annual Simulated Emergency Training (SET) on October 21, we successfully tested ham radio communications from Saratoga-Summit Fire with La Honda, San Lorenzo Valley and Loma Prieta ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).
  • SSEPO provided grant money for the neighborhoods of Monkey Rock / Jikoji, Rosemary Lane and Portola Heights to purchase additional GMRS radios.  GMRS testing has been successful between Cloud's Rest to the north and Saratoga-Summit to the south and all points in between.  Neighborhoods within this area can now communicate with each other, although transmission is not always successful, with our conventional antennas.  2018 plans are to install a repeater, which will allow for much better transmissions between neighborhoods.
  • Preliminary plans are in place to establish a Department Operations Center (DOC) at Saratoga-Summit for CERT activations, ham radio communication and medical operations.


  • Completed the By-Laws
  • Completed the Website
  • Neighborhoods expanded:Neighborhood Coordinators identified for Monkey Rock, Rosemary Lane and Las Cumbres; Waterman Gap now part of the SSA Community; provided assistance to several other neighborhoods who are getting established.
  • Las Cumbres conducted a Triage / First Aid Training Class.
  • A CPR / Choking / Triage class was held at the MROSD Skyline Field Office.
  • Several drills in setting up the communications infrastructure were held at the MROSD Skyline Field Office.
  • The GIS Mapping Project got underway and the following neighborhoods completed mapping: Portola Heights, Castanea Ridge, Monkey Rock, Rosemary Lane, Rocky Creek and a number of individual residences.Mapping has been initiated in Las Cumbres, Waterman Gap, and the Alpine/Portola State Park area.
  • Co-sponsored, with the SSA Fire Safe Council, a presentation by Battalion Chief and La Honda Fire Brigade Chief Ari Delay at the April SSA meeting on Wildfire Preparation.
  • Held quarterly meetings with multi-county Office of Emergency Services (OES) leaders for sharing of information and ideas across counties.
  • Held a nighttime emergency drill.
  • Created the Saratoga Gap CERT. (Later called South Skyline CERT)


  • Recruited volunteers at the Neighborhood level in support of emergency preparedness plans, identified Neighborhood Coordinators (NC), trained and supported new NC’s
  • Initiated the identification of medically trained community members who can help in emergencies and maintained the medical aid station at the MROSD Skyline Field Station
  • Improved Ham Radio communication links across the South Skyline area, including links with Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)
  • Organized the first ever meeting of all three county Office of Emergency Services (OES) offices to clarify communication and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) activations.
  • Created the South Skyline Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Conducted local community emergency preparedness drills
  • Obtained 501c3 non-profit status