Monkey Rock

The Monkey Rock Neighborhood (also called Skull Rock) includes:

All neighbors on Skyline Boulevard for the two miles north of Highway 9 -- between Highway 9 and Rhys Vineyard.  Property on this stretch is in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties.  It includes the Jikoji Zen Center and eight residences. 

This neighborhood has a quiet group of residents who are interested in emergency preparation.  Together the community has accomplished the following:

  • Established a Phone Tree with relevant information for contacting the residents in each Group.
  • Participates in SSEPO emergency response drills.
  • Holds community meetings to discuss issues, plans, communication, evacuation routes and other concerns.
  • Completed data collection for the GIS Mapping Project -- an effort to provide relevant data for our First Responders.

For more information about Monkey Rock Neighborhood, contact Frances