Rosemary Lane Neighborhood is located on the east side of Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35) at the Santa Clara County mile marker SCL 17.05.

Rosemary Lane Neighborhood is a land development which is surrounded by Upper Stevens Creek County Park (Santa Clara County) with Mid Peninsula Open Space District land located directly across Skyline Blvd. (to the West).  It is made up of 9 parcels of various sizes of acreages.  There are 5 homes on six properties which branch from the circular Rosemary Drive.  There are 2 additional homes/properties adjacent to Rosemary to the North.  Also, Rhys Vineyards/Caves are adjacent to the South.  These 7 homes plus a winery comprise Rosemary Lane Neighborhood.

The group's objectives

  1. Form a cohesive collective neighborhood which is prepared to work together in an emergency.
  2. Provide each household with a spreadsheet containing a compilation of contact information, resources, skills & knowledge available to them in an emergency situation.
  3. Participate in SSEPO emergency response drills.
  4. Completed data collection for GIS Mapping Project, an effort to provide relevant data for our First Responders.
  5. Hold Neighborhood meetings to discuss issues, plans, communication, evacuation & other issues.

For more information about the Rosemary Lane Neighborhood, contact Sharon


Rosemary Lane