This neighborhood spans houses on Skyline Boulevard bounded by:

  • Crazy Pete's road to the north
  • Page Mill road to the south
  • all side streets in between: including Clouds Rest Road, Rocky Creek Road, Heacox Road, and Sills Ranch Road to the west


This neighborhood has an active group of residents who are interested in emergency preparation.  Together the community has accomplished the following:

  • Established an email list and Phone Tree with relevant information for contacting the residents in each Group.
  • Practices emergency response procedures at an annual drill.
  • At least once a year, holds a community meeting to discuss issues, plans, communication, evacuation routes and other concerns.
  • As a neighborhood, actively works with Midpeninsula Open Space District, Caltrans and Firesafe councils on fuel reduction and fire safety projects. 
  • Completed data collection for the GIS Mapping Project.

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Rocky Creek Area