Mail Lists

Why Mailing Lists Matter

Traditional Email lists turn out to be one of the simplest and most effective ways of communicating in a disaster. During a disaster there is often a lot of confusion even among the authorities, and conflicting and incomplete information will abound. The mailing lists are a simple, reliable way of getting everybody on the same page, and maintaining an active, local consensus. Unlike SMS, you can be sure of wide dissemination, with searchable archives and many other good features.   There are two kinds of these lists: regional and neighborhood. You will want to join your neighborhood list, South Skyline, and whichever of La Honda and 95033 makes sense given where you live.  These lists are all hosted either on or  Make sure you have an account on both, and then you can join the lists hosted on each.

Neighborhood List

Your neighborhood should have its own mailing list. Contact the neighborhood coordinator, and join this list. This list is your basic tool for communicating with everyone in your neighborhood. Always help the neighborhood coordinator keep this up to date as neighbors and tenants come and go. Also, make sure your new neighbors join the list!

South Skyline Info!  -
South Skyline is owned by a local community member and exists for the sole purpose of serving the South Skyline community.  Discussion topics include road & weather conditions, emergency response & preparedness, information on services of local interest, etc.  To join, simply send a message to

La Honda Message Board - google groups

This is the main message board for the town of La Honda, and the northern part of the South Skyline Area.  Since a lot of our fire services/CERT activations come from there, this is useful to monitor. To join this go to!forum/lahondadigest and click on the "Join Group" button.

95033 -

This message board encompasses notionally the 95033 zip code, which really includes the entire southern half of the South Skyline area.  To join this, send a message to