SSEPO only works because of the dedication of its volunteers. You can help by:

1. We are looking for a treasurer and an event planner - have fun helping us put on our programming!!!

2. Get involved with your Neighborhood             

  • Join your Neighborhood Emergency Preparation Team
  • Become a Neighborhood Emergency Coordinator (NC) -- See how you can get started:  To Do Task List
  • Participate in neighborhood emergency drills and exercises

3. Get your CERT Training  

4. Obtain your HAM Radio license

5. Join the Medical Response Team

6. Attend SSEPO Board Meetings - see Calendar

See what some of our volunteers have to say about what they would do when "The Big One Hits"

  • ​Las Cumbres Cluster Leaders:  Bill / Chris
  • Las Cumbres Emergency Operations Team Leader:   Helen 
  • Portola Heights/Castanea Ridge NC and ARES Emergency Coordinator: Pat 
  • Monkey Rock NC:  Frances 
  • Rosemary Lane NC:  Sharon 
  • CERT Coordinator:  Peggy 
  • Medical Emergency Coordinator:  Rich 
  • Radio Systems Coordinator:  Bryan