While wildland fire, earthquake and winter storms are the most likely types of disasters to strike our community, many other types of disasters are potential threats, such as:  Hazardous material releasePandemic Disease and Terrorism.

The preparation efforts you make for wildland fires, earthquakes and storms, such as a family disaster supplies kit and evacuation plan, will serve you well in these other types of disasters.  In many of these types of events, the assistance of our local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) may not be required, as our local emergency services augmented by mutual aid resources from neighboring communities will be able to respond. 

You should stay informed of the latest developments through local media sources, notifications sent through the County Alerts, HAM Radio and other sources. For more information on how to be prepared for ANY type of disaster, go to the following link:  Basic Preparation Steps for you and your family.  For additional information about all kinds of disasters, go to www.ready.gov.

Other Disaster Preparedness and Response