First Arrivers Workshop July 9, 2022

Problem Statement: In the mountains it often takes a long time to get help.

  • What to do when you have or arrive at  an emergency?
  • First Aid - assessment and immediate treatment
  • First aid supplies at home and in the neighborhood. Purchase First Aid Kit.
  • Calling 911 in our area. Presentation See also Accident/First On Scene.
  • Fire Extinguisher Practice
  •  Meet first responders from Cal Fire - South Skyline Fire and Rescue staff

In response, with the generous assistance of Andy Siegel and his team at the fire station SSEPO organized a full day drill, our first in person post-pandemic session! We had over 30 participants from all over the extended south skyline area.  We organized the drill into 6 stations, and rotated everyone through in 30 minute sessions.  This way we could keep the groups small enough to provide hands on experiences for everyone, yet have the presentations long enough to provide useful detail. We had a tasty lunch with cookies too. And a raffle at the end. It was a fun and very productive session, with both us and the participants learning a lot. Spending time with the firemen was itself highly educational.  Special thanks to Bob Smith, Peter Chupity, David Myrick and Don Chislow for helping out with the sessions.

We will definitely host more of these sessions in the future!