Grant Policy 2021

Purpose: To support fostering and nurturing of neighborhood emergency preparedness and communication capability by funding all or a portion of the equipment or materials necessary to implement a viable program. In recognition of the diversity of the various neighborhoods in South Skyline, the exact use of these funds is flexible and determined by the end users themselves through their Neighborhood Coordinator or organization.

Grant Guidelines: The Neighborhood Coordinator, or organizational representative, will prepare a short narrative of what is needed and how it will be used to benefit the entire neighborhood or organization. A budget should be included. The grant proposals will be submitted to the Board of SSEPO and will be reviewed and approved at one of their Board meetings. If approved, a check will be issued to the Neighborhood Coordinator or organization. This may be issued prior to the purchase of the equipment or after when receipts are submitted. In either event, a receipt will be provided to the SSEPO Board for their records. The equipment or material will be the property of the recipient in the designated neighborhood. If the recipient moves or leaves their position, it is requested that they return the equipment or material to SSEPO so that it can be re-issued to other users. However, this is not mandatory and Neighborhood Coordinators / organizations are not expected to track donated equipment and materials. This grant policy will be in effect until the SSEPO Board replaces it with a new policy or decides to terminate the policy.

Grant Procedure: Send written grant proposals to the SSEPO at: Judy Sencenbaugh, 22400 Skyline Blvd., La Honda, CA.  94020.