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South Skyline Info! South Skyline Yahoo Group

  • The SouthSkyline Yahoo Group is owned by a local community member and exists for the sole purpose of serving the South Skyline community.  Discussion topics include road & weather conditions, emergency response & preparedness, information on services of local interest, etc.  To join, simply send a message to southskyline- subscribe@yahoogroups.com 
  • For more information about the SouthSkyline YahooGroup, contact the owner at southskyline-owner@yahoogroups.com


South Skyline Emergency Preparedness Organization (SSEPO)

Our primary goal is to promote emergency preparedness and response capability at the neighborhood level in the event of a disaster that overwhelms traditional emergency response resources.

Serving the neighborhoods of South Skyline including: 

  • Langley Hill
  • Monkey Rock
  • Rocky Creek
  • Portola / Alpine
  • Oakridge
  • Castanea Ridge/Portola Heights
  • Rosemary Lane
  • Heather Heights
  • Hwy. 9 adjacent to Skyline Blvd. 
  • Indian Rock Ranch
  • Las Cumbres
  • Skyline Blvd. south of Oakridge to Bear Creek Rd.
  • Waterman Gap

Here is a look at: what SSEPO has accomplished  /  How to: Get involved

​SSEPO is not a membership organization.  The Board of Directors consists of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Medical Director, Communications Director, and Neighborhood Coordinators.  All South Skyline residents are welcome at SSEPO Board meetings (see calendar).  Donations are appreciated.